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Prescription Refills and Requests

Please note: By Oregon law, a licensed veterinarian must have a valid Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship with you and your animal in order to provide veterinary services.[1] This means that a licensed veterinarian must have performed an exam within the last year in order for a prescription to be filled, a vaccine to be administered, or other health services performed.[2] You can find additional details on the Oregon Veterinary Medial Association web site. In order to assure the safety and well being of your pet, Aloha Dog & Cat Hospital follows Oregon law when prescribing medication.
1: OARS 875-005-0005 (16) states “Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) … means that the veterinarian has seen the animal within the last year and is personally acquainted with the care of the animal by virtue of a physical examination of the animal…”
2: OARS 875-015-0030 (6) (b) states “Legend drugs shall be dispensed, ordered or prescribed based on a VCPR”

Please call 503-649-5611 for prescription refills.