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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update: March 19, 2020

By Aloha Dog & Cat March 19th, 2020

Dear Valued Clients of Aloha Dog and Cat Hospital,
Thank you for your continued support during this turbulent time. We as a medical practice
need to try to balance the needs of our patients while adapting to minimize risks to our
team and our community. In this way we hope to be able to stay open as long as we can
and be available to help our clients and provide the best possible care to our patients. If
we all take responsibility and do our part, we are confident we can accomplish these goals
To help us reduce the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are asking you to take the
following actions:
-CURBSIDE SERVICE: We will be starting curbside service effective immediately and
continued until further notice. When you arrive at the clinic please call 503-649-5611 and
someone will come out to bring in your pet. Please bring pets on a secure leash or in a
carrier so we may safely transport them into the building. Doctors and technicians will
examine your pet and call you in the parking lot to make decisions regarding your pet’s
care and needs. Then your pet will be returned to you in your car with any medications or
supplies needed. If you don’t have a phone, please knock on the front door for curbside
service. As much as we love spending time with you and your pet in our exam rooms and
lobby, we feel this step is necessary to help maintain the safety and health of our team. We
promise we can all catch up and spend time together more after all this is over!
-If you prefer to remain with your pet, we will ask you upon entering our building to please
wash hands with soap and water and then remain with your pet in an exam room. If you
are planning to stay with your pet, please try to bring as few family members as possible to
again try to help maintain our social distancing.
-Please understand that this will place a lot more stress on our phone system, so calls to
the clinic may be slower and more difficult to get through than usual. If your need is not
urgent, please consider using our email to ask questions or request refills on medications.
Our email again is: info@alohadogandcat.com.
-This change in our service is very new to us and we apologize in advance if service is slow,
or if you have delays while waiting for a response from us in the parking lot. Please try to
reach us again by phone.
-If you are experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or fever:
Please call to reschedule your appointment. We have no problem with you canceling or
rescheduling your appointment and there are no penalties for canceling. We are also
happy to work with other healthy guardians that may be able to bring your pet in for you.
If you are not sure what the symptoms are, please visit https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/
-Call ahead to order prescripton refills or food and try to streamline the process by paying
for it when you order it. That way you can call us when you arrive and we can deliver it
right to your car! Please note we are limiting our supply of food for pets at this time to 1
bag and 1 case at a time unless you have called ahead to special order a larger quantity.
CALL US AT 503-649-5611
These are the precautions we are taking at Aloha Dog and Cat Hospital to prevent the
spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).
Ensuring employee health. We are strictly directing all of our employees to call out
sick if experiencing symptoms and we are sending home employees who exhibit any
symptoms at work. We expect this may not always be convenient to our work flow
and occasionally cause delays or reduced appointment availability, but we are
prioritizing keeping the rest of our team and you safe.
We are increasing our disinfection frequency. While we have always cleaned up
rooms after each exam, we are increasing the level of disinfection after each room
use as well as the number of times we do a general clean for our lobby and
treatment areas.
We will constantly evaluate our practices for ways we can further protect our
communities. The most important thing we can do during this situation is be aware
of current recommendations and adapt. Please be assured our management team is
keeping a close eye on this pandemic so we can continue to protect our team, our
clients, and serve our patients. We know the solutions won’t always be convenient
or flawless, but we are being diligent in doing all that we can to reduce the impact of
coronavirus (COVID-19) on our communities.
Thank you for working with us as we make our way through this global health crisis. We
truly believe if we all take it day-by-day and take appropriate measures to protect
ourselves and the unknown number of people we can affect each day by our actions, we
will minimize the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). The extra effort and inconvenience
now will pay off and the sooner we can return to normalcy. Together, socially distanced, we
will get through this!
Take care and be safe everyone!
Aloha Dog and Cat Hospital Team